Private equity investing has grown substantially over the past several years. Total assets on private equity general Partner’s books are estimated at $2 trillion. A small percentage of commitments to private equity “turn over” annually, leading to secondary transactions.

Venture capital, buyout, mezzanine and other private equity funds are typically structured as long-term, highly illiquid investments. However, some primary investors may find themselves requiring liquidity – for a single fund or portfolio of fund interests – before the partnerships actually wind down and finally terminate.

The liquidity that Willowridge provides allows limited partners to:

  • Revise a portfolio strategy due to changes in ownership, regulatory requirements, or investment policies (such as alternative asset target allocation).
  • Protect returns by “locking in” an IRR as of the date of sale of the limited partnership interest.
  • Generate cash to reinvest in more strategic areas.
  • Ease the administrative burden and rationalize the holdings of relatively small positions in older partnerships.
  • Relieve future capital call requirements by transferring the unfunded commitment to a reliable investor.
  • Refocus private equity holdings on core relationships.