Willowridge is an experienced buyer of private equity interests, with a track record since 1995 in sourcing, valuing and executing secondary transactions. With extensive experience in the private equity secondary market – as well as in primary private equity investing and commercial and investment banking – the principals of Willowridge are able to evaluate and close transactions quickly and smoothly.

We base our success on these core attributes:

Willowridge is dedicated solely to the purchase of limited partnership interests in private equity funds on a secondary basis. We will selectively purchase direct corporate shareholdings from terminating and liquidating funds or corporate venture programs. We are not distracted or conflicted by other businesses.
With a small team, Willowridge is able to respond quickly to potential purchase opportunities. There are no investment committee delays. In addition, our existing portfolio of funds provides us with a store of information regarding both fund valuations and the status of thousands of venture-backed companies.
Having completed over 450 transactions, comprising over 1,100 separate funds, the principals at Willowridge are experts at facilitating the transfer of limited partnership interests. We take a flexible approach to both deal structures and transfer issues, finding creative ways to best serve potential sellers and fund general partners.
Willowridge believes GPs recognize that we are a cooperative and reliable substitute limited partner and often contact us directly if a limited partner expresses a desire for early liquidity.
Private equity is just that – private – and we recognize and respect the need for confidentiality, both before and after closing.

The secondary market has grown significantly over the past few years, but our focus has remained the same: to provide limited partners with an effective way of achieving liquidity in their private equity holdings; to offer general partners the comfort of a reliable and cooperative substitute limited partner; and to generate stable and attractive returns for our investors.